Shuttle Quest 2000 submitted for PSM review.



As the pilot of the unique ‘Battle Shuttle’ join the fight against the evil General Xzarod and save the galaxy in this RETRO Action-RPG-Shooter!

  • Play the first chapter for free!
  • Battle in 30 story missions over six chapters
  • Fight 6 giant Megaship bosses
  • Collect or buy resources and use them to craft new items
  • Equip weapons and drones in one of 4.2 million combinations
  • Meet all sorts of characters on ‘Shuttle Station 8’
  • Play unlimited random missions with ‘Custom Flight Plans’

I’m pleased to be able to say that Shuttle Quest 2000 has been submitted for PSM review today. If all goes well you will be able to play the game in 2-3 weeks. I am going to take a short break from smashing my head against a keyboard and go away for a while.

When I come back I will be right back at the grindstone with some new projects. Some more PSM might be on the cards and there may be some other new things too.

I hope you’re looking forward to Shuttle Quest 2000! Here are some screen shots from the final version of the game:

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2 Responses to Shuttle Quest 2000 submitted for PSM review.

  1. Eric Kinkead says:

    This looks rather rad! Reminds me of the GB days yet super original, not typical retro stylings.
    I LIKE IT!!!!

  2. metalminx says:

    i just bought the full game unlock ¦) i always like your games, but this on is just so great on many levels! the unlimited custom flight plans really help you to grind, and continue to plan even after beating the 30 misions. i know it just came out, but i was wondering if there might be an expansion pack and/or new options patches, (like adding additional ‘colors’ and different boarders, etc.) that you will be adding in the future? as i’d really like to think more missions and new add-ons will be coming in the future. THAT’S how much i like this game!

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