First screens from Shuttle Quest 2000

Here are the first screens from the latest development build of ShuttleQuest2000. Here you can see the player exploring shuttle station 8 and fighting in a few of the very early missions in the game. There are even some shots of the game’s first megaship.

Shuttle Quest 2000 is a blend of side scrolling shooter and craft-em-up RPG. Use money and resources earned/found on missions to buy and craft bigger and better weapons to help win the war against the evil robot empire.

As you can see the game is in a “retro 4 color” style and very strictly adheres to this. I hope you like green!

Shuttle quest is on track to get finished in the next couple of weeks. I hope to have it in your hands ready for some shooty-shooty RPG action in about a month and a half.

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