Here is a list of our currently and to be released games:

Wii U Games:

  • Quadcopter Pilot Challenge – Flight Sim
  • Factotum – Robotic Puzzler

PSM games:

  • Meltdown Moon (PSM) – PlayStation Mobile version with new MoonFall mode.
  • Radiant Flux (PSM) – Retro Shooter with psychedelic explosions.
  • Still Life (PSM) – Sound toy
  • Super Skull Smash GO! (PSM) – Retro puzzle platformer
  • Super Brain Eat 3 (PSM) – I have no idea
  • OUT OF MIND (PSM) – Retro platformer with multiple special powers
  • Sea Run – a gameboy inspired infinite runner
  • Floribund – a flowery match three game
  • Shuttle Quest 2000 – RETRO Action-RPG-Shooter
  • Console Saga – Swinging Platformer
  • Super Tank Poker – turn based tank and card tactics

ANDROID games:

IOS games:

XBOX indie games:

  • Autumn – leafy puzzle game
  • Meltdown Moon – Crazy genre mash-up space game, out now!
  • Antibody – inside your insides and shooting the place up!

OTHER games:


2 Responses to Games

  1. Just finished downloading the rest of your PlayStation Mobile games before it’s too late! Can’t wait to check them all out.

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