Radiant Flux new Video

He’s the new trailer that I released a few days ago for Radiant Flux. It’s got some shots of the new RETRO TV mode (but the compressions is a bit dodgy on youtube) and some shots of never before seen levels and enemies.

These clips come from (what I hope is) the final build. I’m ready for release whevever you are, Sony. Lets play!

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4 Responses to Radiant Flux new Video

  1. RottenFoxBreath says:

    Looks eye-meltingly good…

    And the price will be?…….

    • tacsgames says:

      Pricing is still up in the air but it will need to be competitive with mobile games as it will be on a mobile platform. What do you think is fair?

      • RottenFoxBreath says:

        Isnt my place to say, *cough* but if I was pressed…I bought Aqua Kitty, and 60 Second Shooter Deluxe, and they were around £2.59-£2.79, if I remember correctly.
        I would have no qualms paying that or around that, as I could play them on the Vita, or my Xperia Play(a much maligned phone, but still cuts the mustartd, IMO).

        Whatever though, I really like the look of this, and your other titles, and can promise you that this is will be a day 1 purchase for me, from what I’ve seen in your videos.

        It’s these type of titles that make me thankful that original talent is still alive and kicking.

        Another question, Is the soundtrack that plays on that video in the game, or will it be different?

      • tacsgames says:

        That sounds fair to me. I’ll write a post (and tweet) once I’ve heard back from Sony and the prices are finalised.

        Also, you’ll be pleased to hear that all my games are tested on the Xperia Play and run very well. 🙂

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