A quick glimpse at a new game

A quick glimpse at a new game

Here is a quick screen grab of some of the elements I’ve been working on for my next game. It has no title and nothing is final.

Here we can see a brain-like ball of cells creeping up on an unsuspecting explorer and his robots. Each chunk of ground is floating and eery crystals are protruding from the earth. What could it mean?

I’m always working on more than one game and many of them will come to nothing, either because I run out of enthusiasm for them or because they’re simply not enough fun. This has been quite a few days already just working on getting the colour balance and the number of colours per sprite correct. I’m liking the feel so far with a clear separation between object domains using colours. The explorer, the men in suits and their equipment are all orange, the backgrounds and crystals are shades of grey/blue and the enemy you can see is all shades of red. No sprite has more than 8 colours.

The current feeling is that you, they player, will take control of the rover like robot rather than the man in the suit.

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