Radiant Flux gets TV mode for PSM release

The main menu with the new TV mode switched on. (screenshot from VITA)

[For the record these pictures are all screenshots taken from within the operating system on the PSVita. They are not photographs.]

I’ve finished the PSM port for my new game Radiant Flux. This was a Java game that I’d not quite finished which I decided to port over to the PlayStation Mobile suite of devices. This includes the mighty PlayStation Vita as well as the not-so-mighty XPERIA Play (and some htc devcies).

My main concern when porting the game was making sure the special effects I’d implemented in shaders worked well. My experience with implementing shaders in different shader languages is very small however no only did I manage to get the effects implemented to my satisfaction I also added a new PSM only special effect … TV MODE!

The TV mode showing off it’s thing in the game

You can now play the hardcore retro game in a mode that makes you feel like you’re staring at an old TV in the dark  just like we used to do (and is probably why my eyes no longer work in daylight)!

The TV mode bends the game screen around a notional CRT and adds in some scan lines for good measure. This TV mode can be toggled on and off at any time with a quick button press, in case you’re not up for the super realistic feel.

You can play without the TV mode too 🙂

Radiant Flux will be one of the four games I’m releasing for your PlayStation Mobile licensed devices very, very soon. The truth of it is that I have no Idea when I will be able to release the games but I’ve been told it’s this coming month so fingers crossed.

Radiant Flux features 60 stages of mind-blowing-hard-core-super-retro-2d-action-shooting-fun. Oh and did I mention that it’s very hard? It is! So, if hard oldschool games are your thing, then get excited for Radiant Flux.


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3 Responses to Radiant Flux gets TV mode for PSM release

  1. @mandatoryred says:

    V impressed.


  2. vincent says:

    i’ve loving the work you’ve done on this – the journey from the first beta i saw to this has been a joy to watch 🙂

  3. RottenFoxBreath says:

    Hope this comes out soon..it needs to come out soon.
    This has peaked my interest, as games these days are made for the “stupids”, too much hand holding, not enough brow sweating and pure gameplay.

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