New Visual Styles for Vita Skull Smash

I’ve completed the vita port of super skull smash go! In addition to working very hard to get it running at an acceptable framerate (wow, that shouldn’t have been so hard). I’ve also added a few new graphical styles that you can flip between at any time using ‘select’ (‘select’ selects the style, it’s a single style from a selection of four). See below for some screens of the new styles:

This is the original 8 colour inspired version of super skull smash go! Choose this style if you grew up with a spectrum or cga pc!

Wow that looks great, but we’ve seen that before! On to new Images!

This is the NES inspired 16 color mode, look at the richness of the shiny coins!

You may have seen this NES mode before if you’re been keeping up with my futile attempts to get skull smash onto steam using greenlight.

This is the Gameboy or green screen mode. Glorious 4 bit green. Or is it 5?

Speaking of green! It’s the green screen mode. Did you ever play with an amstrad pcw? I did! Also, if it’s not clear from things like the project space dark video I’m also a fan of the original gameboy. What more delights can there be?

This is the papercraft mode all crunchy paper! Ever played an 8 bit game on scrunched up balls of paper? no? I have.


This looks like it might be a bit hard to play but it looks great in motion, it’s the papercraft mode which reminds me of playing those 8 bit games on paper, like I always did hundreds of times for reals in the past.

I hope you like these new modes, they’re optional and you can switch them out at any time so ignore them if you so choose.

Thom – out!

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2 Responses to New Visual Styles for Vita Skull Smash

  1. Lovely stuff. Looking forward to it! You got a release plan? 🙂

    • tacsgames says:

      The game is complete, however despite the launch of psm store on vita the tools are still ‘beta’ and there is no submission process. I imagine there will be some tweaks to do once the final version of the tools are available but other than that i’m ready to deploy. 🙂

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