Shuttle Quest 2k released for Android


My craft-em-up side-scrolling retro-shooter has been released on the Google Play store and the whole game is available now to play for free.

You can download it right now from here.

These early days are really important for a free-to-play game like Shuttle Quest so if you have an Android device I hope you’ll boot it up and download the game.



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3 Responses to Shuttle Quest 2k released for Android

  1. Metalminx says:

    since Google Play won’t work on Amazon Kindle Fire (no duh), or the Ouya, any chance on you porting some games over to those OS’s ever?

  2. metalminx says:

    yea! very cool! just d/l them both a few days ago. thanks!

    any plans for a kindle version? or is adding touch screen controls just way to difficult for it to be worthwhile?

  3. metalminx says:

    re: touch screen controls

    since SQ2K is 4.3 there is ‘room’ for touch controls like a virtual joystick and buttons.
    just a thought. games like Floribund would be excellent on the Kindle… if some new added features were added. i have the 7″HDX that has a front camera, too.;)

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