Super Tank Poker – OUT NOW on PSM

After all the hard work, the tiny pixel art tanks, the triumphant SNES style music and the endless games of poker – it’s finally available for you to buy on the PlayStation Store.

Boot up that Vita or Xperia device and load the PSN store. Under the PlayStation Mobile section you should find a brand new TACS Game creation waiting for you.

If you can’t see it right away check out the ‘Latest’ tab as some regions have not updated their stores yet.

Thanks for playing and as always I’m interested to hear what you think.


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1 Response to Super Tank Poker – OUT NOW on PSM

  1. metalminx says:

    as always, i love it!
    there are a couple issues/questions i had… one is that there is no option to ‘raise’ a bet. only to ‘call’ when it’s the computer initiating the attack. if the player had the option to raise in addition to call, that would be great and more authentic to the rules.
    lastly, i was wondering why the chips lost in battle don’t go to the winner, thus replacing any chips lost in previous battles? to help extend life of a dwindling tank. though i guess that would lead to even longr battles… or, what if it was left how it is, but the chips had a monetary value, so when you won a hand you didnt get chips replaced for your tank, but you won $100 per chip, giving you a chance to win/lose some money at the end of battles, which then the money could be used buy tank upgrades (with varying amounts of chip increases… like The XO-5 Tank with 16 chips (instead of 12), etc.etc. like have a depo with various tanks stored, have a cosmetic/design upgrade garage, etc.

    sorry, i should probably stop. ¦)

    thanks again!

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