Floribund approved for PSM

Floribund TitleOne of my new games has been approved for PSM!

Floribund is a match-three puzzle game. There are two modes and they’re both quite different. One is a calculated move-by-move game over which you can take your time and could, if you play right, go on forever. The other is a frantic points-all-over-the-place time trial mode.

There is one more feature worth talking about; You can use your device’s camera to take a photograph and this will replace the most powerful item in the game. Ever wanted your face to be a power-up in a game? Now you can.

It will be available in the PSM store in the next couple of weeks, in the mean time why not check out the screen shots here and tell me what you think.

I’m trying to keep this stuff quiet ’til approval to prevent me announcing stuff that’s not going to get finished or that might change before it comes out. Let me know if this is working for you or if you’d rather I just came out with what I’m working on.


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8 Responses to Floribund approved for PSM

  1. rpgn says:

    Looks nice, I can’t wait to play it.

    I understand you wanting to keep those details to yourself in order to be as accurate as possible, but I personally enjoy following your journey of developing games. With that I prefer a more personal approach to know more about what goes behind those games as soon as possible. Again though, I don’t want to be responsible for changing something that you feel already works for you. So just go with what you prefer!

  2. rpgn says:

    If that’s how you feel, thank you!

  3. Captain_Veepers says:

    yeah, tell us what you’re working on so we can journey with you. Please.

  4. metalminx says:

    i just bought it tonight and i am diggin’ it man ¦) i have only played infinite mode (which i thank you so much for — i wish other types of these match 3/puzzle games included it — i know bedazzel does, but not enough of the others do.) anyways, i like the chill music. reminds me of Riders On The Storm ¦)

    ** anyway,i hope you find the game [sales] worthy enough for some additional update tweaks/add ons like some ”flower power ups” ¦) for matching more than 3-4 flowers, etc.

    *** another cool add on would be like a Greenhouse Mode where you have the same layout as the regular game, but now you have SEEDS or PULBS instead of the flowers, and a ‘toolbox’ panel with icons for: pots, soil, water, etc. and your finger swipes an icon from the toolbox and adds it to the seeds which then grow at different timez so you are always needing to tend to them. once the seeds are flowers, then you have to clear them by color clusters. so if there are some white flowers in a bunch, you touch just one of them and then that cluster disappears and the rest drop down, the you touch the purple flowers, repeat and repeat until you can’t match anymore. ¦)

    zorry i love all your games and buy the ones on PSM for my VITA.

    thanks for all your hard work!!

    btw, you are underselling Floribund! $1.99 at least.

    • tacsgames says:

      I’m really glad you like it. Some really good ideas here, thanks for those. I hope to update all my games when I have the time. I’ll see what I can do with the ‘flower power ups’ 🙂

  5. metalminx says:

    i’m very glad you likd those ideas. i was hoping it wouldn’t turn you off or feel i was infringing on your creativeness.

    one thing i love about your games is that you mix up the asthetics and treat each like their own production teams. i’m not wording this correctly, but i hope you get what i am trying to say.
    your releases are the one thing i look forward to when i log into psm, you you don’t disappoint!

    btw, any turn-based rpg/strategy games in the plans, within plans, within plans? ¦)

    • tacsgames says:

      Somewhere on my blog there are pictures of a work in progress tactics game and an unfinished rpg. They’re lots of work but I hope to get back to them when I have time.

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