King Bean is released on Playstation Mobile

King Bean Logo

Yesterday King Bean did it again. He’s lost his beans and needs your help to find them. So! Boot up your VITAs and Phones and go help him out!

King Bean was released yesterday for your PSM enabled devices. I hope you’ll check the game out and let me know what you think.

I hope you like it!

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1 Response to King Bean is released on Playstation Mobile

  1. rpgn says:

    King Bean was some good fun. It wasn’t too short and neither was it long, it felt right. The style of the game is adorable and it works. I like that you used the music with the piano that is very calming. And lastly, I loved that you put a narrator in the game. It was very fitting. The puzzles weren’t difficult neither were they too easy. I felt like you had a good balance with this game,

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