Free Level Pack Coming for Super Brain Eat 3

Hey! Did you pick up Super Brain Eat 3? It’s one of my more popular games on the PSM platform.

If you have SBE3 already then I’ve got some good news! I’m going to be releasing a free level pack which includes new hazards and puzzle elements that will double the number of levels in the game. The new level pack will be accessible from an all new menu where you can check your high score and mark of each level pack when you’ve completed them.

Sounds too good to be true right? It’s totally true, you just have to believe me!

Work on the level pack is nearly complete and once it’s done you’ll just need to wait a few short weeks for Sony to find time to release it.

Remember the level pack will be available for free to anyone who already own the game and it will arrive as a title update.

Thanks for playing TACS games!


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