GAME BEAT DRUM – live for Android

Sometimes when you’re working hard on a game or two, it’s easy to get all used up . A creative brain needs time to lie fallow and recoup it’s mental juices. A change is as good as a rest and to extend the farming metafore further (perhaps too far) crop (or app) rotation can be just as successful for rejuvenation as disappearing off to the beach for a few weeks every third month. So I took some time out of my normal game development routine to learn a bit about this and that and make and publish something new. So here it is:

No, wait, HERE it is.

GAME BEAT DRUM – is a game inspired drum machine and step sequencer with a delay effect. It’s available right now for free from the Google Play store and it’s loads of fun. Each drum sound is crafted lovingly from software oscillators and white noise generators, you’ll find no canned samples here, son.

I do feel better for taking this diversion and as a bonus I’ve learned all about sound synthesis and will be taking theses ideas further into the games I’m working on right now.

So go and download it now! It’s fun, it’s free and it’s very, very old school.


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