Shark Ahoy! FREE on Android

Shark Ahoy! Has launched on the google play store and Is available FOR FREE, if you can believe that.

Shark Ahoy is a hand drawn game of catch for your accelerometer empowered Android phone. As a giant shark it’s your job to eat the cute things that live at sea, but while you’re at it you’ll need to avoid the bombardment by the royal navy. They’ll throw anything at you, bombs, magical hour glasses,  big balls of sick. So catch them all and power up your combo to get the maximum score possible.

Compete with your friends on the global leader-boards and collect all the shark achievements.

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Look here:

Or here:

Shark Ahoy! FREE

Please let you know what you think of the game, and don’t worry, there’s plenty more disposable fun coming your way in the near future.

I’m off to play with my new raspberry pi. 😀

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