Console Saga – Out Now

My latest game Console Saga has finally popped up on the PlayStation Mobile stores all around the world.

Console Saga is a retro inspired mash-up of classic platforming games. You play a handheld games console brought back to life by green space radiation. The very same radiation is wreaking havoc on classic games and so you must go into each game to clear out the corruption.

I’m sure you can imagine that a journey through a corrupted gaming landscape is no easy task. To traverse these glitched up worlds you’ll need to master the Grapple Beam. Your character can shoot out his cartridge and swing along a rope made of pure retro energy. It’s easy to pick up but hard to master and master it you must!

Download it right now in the PlayStation Mobile store on your PS VITA or PSM enabled phones and tablets. That above link will work from any of those devices.

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4 Responses to Console Saga – Out Now

  1. Interested gamer says:

    I can’t beat the first boss, how do I defeat him ?
    ps: Will your game with the two robots be released on vita ?

  2. Denise Gannon says:

    any chance you could make a PSM games compilation with ALL of them for the WiiU? (or Switch) since PSM is dead, and if you lose your PSM games by deleting off your Vita [or your backups] you can no longer get them since they don’t show up in your PSN purchases list, we are fucked. i bought all of them, and when my PS3 needed reformating, i lost my backups. (thx to PS support walkthru for screwing me over, not telling me i would loose EVERYTHING) i would gladly rebuy them if i could, but no more PSM. i have a PS4, Vita, XB1 and WiiU… so whatever would be easier. but, you probably have no monetary gain to be had for such a thing, and is probably harder than i think it would be.

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