Announcing new PSM game OUT OF MIND

box art showing a face, a tape with a tongue and a glowing orb.

Box art for new PSM game OUT OF MIND

It’s nearly ready to show off properly but here is the box art for my new PSM game ‘OUT OF MIND’.  Any reference I’ve made to a ‘secret project’ or a game codenamed ‘toEnd’ this is what I’ve been hinting at.

There will be a full trailer out very soon. It’s already been edited and uploaded it just needs the OK from the marketing team. Oh wait. I don’t have a marketing team. Soon then!

I’m really excited about bringing this new game to you and hope to have the game ready for review in a couple of weeks or so. In the interim please watch out for the trailer as it drops.



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1 Response to Announcing new PSM game OUT OF MIND

  1. incpdo says:

    i have to say this is one game i am really excited to see. You are a very talented fella my friend i wish to have your experience and im talking from an “amateur game developer” point of view.

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