Super Skull Smash GO!

Here is my latest game, SUPER SKULL SMASH GO!, It’s already out with my dedicated playtest team and I hope to get a version available for the general public just as soon as it’s ready 🙂

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These are all in game shots from the MACOSX build of the game but it will be available for Windows and Linux as well (and if there is any demand at all, seriously, even one guy, then I will release the solaris build too 🙂 )

It’s true, I’ve abandoned mobile for the moment and despite having a couple of games in the works, this is idea trumped them all.


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2 Responses to Super Skull Smash GO!

  1. twhume says:

    Noooo…. does this mean your tower defense thingy won’t happen?

  2. theboyvee says:

    the tower defense thingy will happen… it must happen.

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