Rocket Launcher + Bones / Wiimotes * OSC (also spriter)

Here is a screen grab of something I’m working on, It’s a rocket launcher! I hope you could tell that without me having to say so. 

The Interesting thing here is that I’m testing some animations out in animata which is a lightweight animation tool. It’s more geared towards performace, since there’s no timeline but you can hook up all sorts of data to OSC (think of it as midi+).

I did have some turrets hooked up to some wii remotes yesterday, but this turned out to be just fun and not helpful at all :).

I’m sure you already know about osculator which lets you bind all sorts of signals to and from OSC data. It makes this kind of thing quite easy.

The reason I use animata to test rigging like this is that it’s just so very easy to use. I can have a rigged puppet set up in less than a 60 seconds  and I get to see how new assets might feel when in motion without having to do much work.  Plus I get to make pew pew noises while sitting at my desk.

I backed the spriter project a few days ago hoping that I would get a tool like animata that’s more geared towards gaming asset production. You can too, since at time of writing, there are 28 hours to go. The beta is functional enough. Enough to get me to back the project, anyway.

I’ve spent all day so far drawing turrets like this one. My hands are all cramped up. How do people deal with tablet fatigue?

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