Adventures in underground gaming.

With both ‘Shark Ahoy’ and ‘Meltdown Moon’ nearly ready for their android releases I’ve been working on something a bit different. Here is a sneak peek at some of the asset production that’s been going on.

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It’s clearly a space themed top down game. It’s the tiles I’ve been working on. I’m quite pleased with how their turning out.

Morning is the time for me to be working on arty stuff. So I try (sprint willing) to reserve mornings for art, music and brainstorming. In the afternoons I tend to be more focused and can get on with bug fixes and optimizations.

Last night I was in a basement restaurant and was left to my own devices so I thought it would be a good Idea to wile away the minutes with a blast on meltdown moon. However, when the game tried to sign in, I was left waiting for the process to fail. With only a few moment to get  a game in before my pal came back from the toilet, I abandoned meltdown moon in favor of shark ahoy, which ASKS if you want to sign in before it tries.

This is obviously important. When a player whats to play, they should be able to. That oversight stopped me from playing my game of choice when my time was restricted. So, this is my first fix of the afternoon. I will get right on that.

This afternoon will be the time for final feature tweaks for the two aforementioned android games. Some play testing has also suggested that it’s hard to gauge when and where the shark will bite in ‘shark ahoy’ so it’s been suggested that I make this far more explicit with a targeting reticule. I’m up for giving that a try and then doing some further testing.

Well, I’d better get on with it then.

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