Factotum – Latest Screens

robot06 robot05 robot04 robot03 robot02 robot01

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WIP Game Screens: FACTOTUM

Ooh, fun looking crystal, I wonder what that does?

Ooh, fun looking crystal, I wonder what that does?

Here I present to you some of the first screens from my work-in-progress robotic double-first-person-puzzler.

On a space ship taken over by unknown aliens the player must take command of two disused menial robots in an attempt to regain control of the ship. The robots must work together to move through the ship, solving puzzles and repairing the ships systems in an effort to keep the trapped crew alive and ultimately repel the invaders.

See below for some more screens from the latest build. What do you think?  Is this something you’d like to play?

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Console Saga – Out Now

My latest game Console Saga has finally popped up on the PlayStation Mobile stores all around the world.

Console Saga is a retro inspired mash-up of classic platforming games. You play a handheld games console brought back to life by green space radiation. The very same radiation is wreaking havoc on classic games and so you must go into each game to clear out the corruption.

I’m sure you can imagine that a journey through a corrupted gaming landscape is no easy task. To traverse these glitched up worlds you’ll need to master the Grapple Beam. Your character can shoot out his cartridge and swing along a rope made of pure retro energy. It’s easy to pick up but hard to master and master it you must!

Download it right now in the PlayStation Mobile store on your PS VITA or PSM enabled phones and tablets. That above link will work from any of those devices.

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Console Saga Approved for release on PlayStation Mobile

It’s true! After so many months of hard work, Console Saga has been approved for release and should hit the PSN store some time in the next two weeks. If I get any more details about a release date you can be sure I will let you know.

As for further developments, I’m working now on a new game. My personal code of development dictates that I can’t talk about it just yet (for fear that it may never be completed) but be sure that I will talk about it when I’ve had more time to get the basic idea in place.

In the interim why not watch the Console Saga trailer once more and ready yourself for some really very hard swinging platform action a few weeks from now.

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New Trailer for Console Saga

After a bunch of updates and tweaks here is a new trailer for Console Saga. It’s all edited from in game footage (no CG here) and shows off the new UI and some never before seen stages and bosses.

I’m waiting on feedback from my dedicated team of play-testers but I hope to have the game submitted to PSM review before the week is out.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings!

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First Trailer for Console Saga (PSM)

Here is the first trailer for my latest PSM game, Console Saga. It’s an action platform game for PlayStation Mobile starring a Little blue hand-held games console. Out soon!

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Gameplay Footage of Console Saga (PSM)

Here is some work-in-progress footage of me playing a whole level from the latter half of Console Saga. Here we see a level with lots of verticality (ha!). Not all the levels in the game are so tall. Most are more horizontal to give better lateral flow with the grapple rope.

If this is your first introduction to Console Saga then let me explain the basics; Console Saga is a retro-inspired platform game for Playstation Mobile that is currently in development here at TACS Games. It features the journey of a living retro games console as she travels through a whole bunch of classic retro landscapes to clean up a mess of corruption. You can be sure it will be a hardcore romp with lots of jumping, shooting, swinging and glowing lasers.

There’s still a lot of work left to do on the game but I hope to submit for approval to Playstation Mobile in the next month or so. What do you think of the video?

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